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In 2018, Artur and Martin founded a cleantech company focused on the development of an innovative sustainability machine. The R&D process was not only time- and staff-consuming, but also required a huge number of unique parts that were neither sold nor possible to customize according to the needs of small companies.

After a long search, they found a solution: a new 3D printing technology called — belt printing. But there was still no printer manufacturer who offered an affordable belt printer. Only expensive business solutions existed. That's why Martin decided to build an open-source low-budget 3D belt project and publish it on Thingiverse.

With the help of this newly conceptualized belt printer, Artur and Martin were able to rapidly simplify their prototyping and replace all of their previously used conventional 3D printers. Now they want to make this awesome printer available for everyone! Order your printer on Kickstarter now!
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